Annual plots

The plots are tilled during the spring and plowed in autumn and can therefore be used for annual plants only. Please remember to make sure you take the correct plot since it may not be the same one as in the previous year. Remember: easily spreading plants like mint, morning glory, jerusalem artichoke etc. need to be planted in pots or boxes to stop them from spreading.

SIZE OF PLOT:   approx. 10 m x 10 m = 100 m2.

PRICE:Plots with water supply 25€/season 

Other plots 20€/season

Half a plot 15€/season
LANDLORD:Turun 4H-yhdistys r.y.

+358 50 522 0651


  • The lease is valid for one season
  • Plots are approx. 100m2
  • We are unable to provide the exact location of your plot at the time of reservation
  • The City of Turku will till the plots in spring and plow the plots in autumn
  • 4H Turku will number and mark the plots in the spring
  • To find out when the plots are ready and open to tenants please visit
  • If you are unable to care for your plot, please inform 4H so it can be leased to someone else
  • Every tenant must surrender 20cm from the edge of their plot to be used as a path. (path width approx. 40cm)
  • The use of chemical pesticides is forbidden
  • Only structures under 1.5 meters are allowed on the plot and they must all be removed by the 15th of October.
  • It is the tenant's duty to clean the plot come autumn. All string, sticks, tools, plastics, fabrics, stones etc. must be removed before the field is plowed.
  • The rules and regulations of the City of Turku must be followed. For example disturbing of other tenants is not allowed. All fire, including coal barbecues, is strictly forbidden.
  • Small metal bins located near the field are meant for small rubbish only. Larger rubbish must be removed from the plots.
  • NUMBERING OF THE PLOTS: the number of each plot is located on the bottom/front left corner of the plot. Standing in front of the number sign means your plot is in front of you to the right.
  • Please remember that the toilets and car park at Pahaniemi kartano are meant for residents only.
  • Enjoy gardening!