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Annual plots:

Due to the current covid19 situation the leases will be done over the phone or via email. New gardeners will be contacted starting on week 13.

Previous years’ (2020) gardeners will be contacted starting on the 11th of March. If we have not reached you by the 19th of March please contact us by the 24th of March by phone: 0505220651 (between the hours of 10-16) or via email

Perennial plots:

We will start contacting people on the waiting list on week 14.

Annual plots

The plots are tilled during the spring and plowed in autumn and can therefore be used for annual plants only. Please remember to make sure you take the correct plot since it may not be the same one as in the previous year. Remember: easily spreading plants like mint, morning glory, jerusalem artichoke etc. need to be planted in pots or boxes to stop them from spreading.

SIZE OF PLOT:   approx. 10 m x 10 m = 100 m2.

PRICE:Plots with water supply 25€/season 

Other plots 20€/season

Half a plot 15€/season
LANDLORD:Turun 4H-yhdistys r.y.

+358 50 522 0651


  • The lease is valid for one season
  • Plots are approx. 100m2
  • We are unable to provide the exact location of your plot at the time of reservation
  • The City of Turku will till the plots in spring and plow the plots in autumn
  • 4H Turku will number and mark the plots in the spring
  • To find out when the plots are ready and open to tenants please visit
  • If you are unable to care for your plot, please inform 4H so it can be leased to someone else
  • Every tenant must surrender 20cm from the edge of their plot to be used as a path. (path width approx. 40cm)
  • The use of chemical pesticides is forbidden
  • Only structures under 1.5 meters are allowed on the plot and they must all be removed by the 15th of October.
  • It is the tenant's duty to clean the plot come autumn. All string, sticks, tools, plastics, fabrics, stones etc. must be removed before the field is plowed.
  • The rules and regulations of the City of Turku must be followed. For example disturbing of other tenants is not allowed. All fire, including coal barbecues, is strictly forbidden.
  • Small metal bins located near the field are meant for small rubbish only. Larger rubbish must be removed from the plots.
  • NUMBERING OF THE PLOTS: the number of each plot is located on the bottom/front left corner of the plot. Standing in front of the number sign means your plot is in front of you to the right.
  • Please remember that the toilets and car park at Pahaniemi kartano are meant for residents only.
  • Enjoy gardening!

Perennial plots

4H Turku has perennial plots in Hirvensalo, Katariina, Munttismäki and Pahaniemi.

The leases at Kärsämäki ended in October of 2020.

There is a waiting list for the perennial plots every year. The list is renewed yearly, so please remember to make your reservation at the beginning of every year! Plots are handed out in the order in which they were reserved. Tilling of the plot is the responsibility of the tenant. You can inquire after a perennial plot via email at

SIZE OF PLOT: approx. 10 m x 10 m = 100 m2

PRICE: Plots with water supply 25€/season

Other plots 20€/season

Half a plot 15€/season

LANDLORD: Turun 4H-yhdistys r.y.

+358 50 522 0651


Perennial tenants should deposit the payment on to 4H’s account by the 30th of January:

FI82 5316 0840 0106 39


Include your name, name of the field where your plot is located and the number of your plot in the message.

Price: Katariina, Munttismäki, Hirvensalo and Pahaniemen kartano 25 € a whole plot, 15 € half a plot.

Rules for the perennial plots:

1. Rental area and rent

Plots are approximately 100m2. One person can rent up to 3 plots. 30 centimeters of the plot’s edge must be left as a path. All gardening, composting, and storage of supplies must be done within your plot. Please keep the shoulders of the field empty. Possible thefts and vandalism will not be reimbursed by 4H or the City of Turku. Should such things occur, the tenant can file a police report.

2. Gardening

The plot is not meant for greenhouse cultivation. Your plot can be used to grow both annual and perennial edible or ornamental plants. Plants must not shade other plots or hinder usage of paths. For example fruit trees must be no taller than 1.5 meters and raised garden beds no higher than 40 centimeters. Fast spreading plants like mint must be contained within a structure or pot so they can not spread. Plant waste should be composted within your plot. Growing of intoxicating plants and invasive species is forbidden. Selling of crops is allowed but 4H must be notified.

3. Structures and covers

Small outdoor sitting areas (with outdoor furniture) are allowed on the plots. You can also have a box no higher than 60cm to store tools and supplies. To protect your crops use an agricultural/garden fabric that will stay intact in all weather conditions. All easily breakable (for example due to wind or the sun) plastics are forbidden. If you cover your plants to protect them from the weather, please use only plastic and fabric that is UV and weather resistant. The covering must not be higher than 90cm.

4. Upkeep and tidiness

Do not move the number plaque indicating the number of your plot. Fencing of your plot is not allowed. You are allowed a box of max. 90cm in height for composting but you may also use the communal composting area. Do not place animal products in the compost. The tenant is responsible for the plot’s tidiness. Keep the grass short, paths open, compost tidy, be sure to use weather proof plastic/fabric and always remove any structures no longer in use. Possible rain gutters must have pipes. Everything on your plot must stay in place even in windy conditions. The use of chemical pesticides or weed killers is not allowed. Any fire, including coal barbecues, is strictly forbidden.

A car can be used to bring supplies closer to your plot, but may not be parked there for a longer period of time. It is the tenant’s responsibility to tidy and clean the plot for winter. The metal bins near the fields are for small rubbish only. Please do not pile any rubbish next to them. All structures, posts over 1.5 m, plastics and fabrics, should be removed before winter. Items like water barrels must be covered. You are allowed to protect your plants from animals and the cold. Plots are not in use during the winter.

5. Termination of lease

The TENANT can terminate their lease at the end of the season (October 15th). Before termination the plot must be cleared of all structures. The City of Turku and 4H do not reimburse possible soil improvements made by the tenant or plants left behind.

the LANDLORD will terminate the lease should the tenant break or neglect stated responsibilities in a fundamental manner and fail to fix the situation within a reasonable time. Should the lease be terminated, the tenant is responsible for cleaning the plot in question. If the plot is left untidied all expenses occurring from the clean up will be the responsibility of the tenant.

Should the City of Turku terminate the lease, the tenant can not seek compensation from the city.